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What if the world of direct physical experience were immersed in a higher dimensional universe? And what if those higher or extra-dimensions were inhabited by higher-dimensional beings ?

Would we view them as ghosts or spirits ?

Would they appear to be aliens with strange powers ?

The world of direct sensory experience consists of three spatial dimensions: up-down, left-right, and backward-forward. The UFO Phenomenon appears to have elevated to other dimensions.

​ In addition, there is one time dimension-a mysterious and as yet unexplained part of the physical universe to which our life history, memories and indeed our destiny is tied. 

But while that may seem like the whole story, scientists are telling us that the universe may contain as many as 9 or maybe even 10 additional spatial dimensions.

If life can exist in our three dimensional part of the universe, is it possible that there are higher-dimensional beings?

From our vantage point, this is really hard to imagine. Higher spatial dimensions-if they exist-could only be experienced by us in a shadowy sense and best, and probably only described mathematically.

​​To understand what kind of relationship higher-dimensional beings would have to our ordinary world of experience, we have to do a thought experiment and take a step down-a step down to a two-dimensional world where everything is flat.

When we get there, we can build up a picture of how higher-dimensional beings would interact with their low-dimensional counterparts.

Such a world was described in the breakthrough PBS series Cosmos created and hosted by astronomer Carl Sagan.      There he related the interesting tale of" Flatland “.

Let us imagine we inhabit a strange country where everyone is perfectly flat. 

Following Edwin Abbott, a Sharkespearean scholar who lived in Victorian England, we call it Flatland. Some of us are square; some are triangles, some have more complex shapes We scurry about, in and out of our flat buildings, occupied with our flat businesses.

Everyone in Flatland has width and length, but no height whatsoever.

With no height nor ability to travel throughout the third dimension, flatlanders have no hint, not even a remote concept of what height is  or could be.

(  That is, except flatlander mathematicians and science-fiction writers  )

Imagine for a moment that this flat world existed on top of your dining room table.

The flat landers would be confined to the surface of the table. They could never leave it, not move up or down, or perceive the three-dimensional world and your presence watching over them. This is also what I believe to be our barrier to comprehending and identifying these forms

As Sagan relates, the perceptions of flatlander creatures are limited by being constrained to move in 2 dimensions.

Every square creature in Flatland sees another square as merely a short line segment, the side of the square nearest to him.

He can see the other side of the square only by taking a short walk. But the Inside of the square is forever mysterious, unless some terrible accident or autopsy breaches the sides and exposes the interior parts.

Now imagine that you, a third dimensional observer, enter the room and sits watching over the flat world . Imagine the powers you would have and the overseeing knowledge. You could view into closed rooms in their flat houses, even viewing the insides of their bodies.

This could be done all at once and you could have knowledge about their entire world and aspects of it that were completely closed off to their ordinary senses.

Hovering over the top of their flat world-something you can do because you can move up and down and exist in the third, higher dimension, you could see not only inside closed rooms or inside their bodies, but all at once you could view widely separated events occuring in flatland.

Doesn't all this sound a little like telepathy, remote viewing, and ESP?

To describe the interactions between a being in the third dimension and the flatlanders,  Sagan envisions an imaginary three-dimensional creature that's an apple. The apple comes upon flatland and says hello to a square who has shut himself alone inside his house. The apple tells the square that he is a “visitor from the third dimension”. With the apple hovering over flatland as he talks, although the apple sees the square just a few inches away, the square, being a two-dimensional creature, can't directly perceive the apple. The square can only perceive aspects of the apple that interact with his two-dimensional world. The square can hear the voice, but has no idea where it is coming from. And remember the square has shut himself inside his house!

In fact, Sagan claims that the voice will appear to have come from inside the square's own body.
He is hearing voices in his head. Are people that hear voices in their heads sometimes getting messages from higher-dimensional beings?

The square thinks he's losing it, and the apple, eager to make contact, gets frustrated. So he decides to enter flatland directly. As Sagan describes it:“...the apple descends into flatland. Now a three-dimensional creature can exist, in Flatland, only partially; only a cross section can be seen, only the points of contact with the plane surface of Flatland.

An apple slithering through Flatland would appear first as a point and then as progressively larger, roughly circular slices. The square sees a point appearing in a closed room in his two-dimensional world and slowing growing into a near circle. A creature of strange and changing shape has appeared form nowhere.

Wow, deep stuff here. Let's say that again. The higher dimensional being, as seen by the lower dimensional being, just appears out of nowhere, changes form and shape in a bizarre fashion and then disappears as he exits flatland. From the square's point of view, the apple just appeared and disappeared from nowhere.

This sounds quite a bit like many paranormal phenomena, like ghosts, spirits, and even some descriptions of aliens and UFO's. Can it be possible that there are higher dimensional beings inhabiting realms we are only dimly aware of? These beings, like a three-dimensional creature observing Flatland, would have total awareness and perceptions of our world we could only dream of-because we are trapped in it and they are not. They could see everything we are doing (even into our bodies), observe widely separated parts of our world simultaneously, and appear to enter and leave our world at will.

When they did so, it would seem strange and mysterious because we couldn't observe or perceive their entire body, we would only see aspects of it that directly interacted with our three-dimensional world.

Scientists love to talk about “extra” or “higher” dimensions but they steer clear of the concept of higher dimensional entities. While this is pure speculation, it could be that beings do inhabit other dimensional realms and maybe consciousness itself does.

Some help here please, would I be right in thinking that what's propsed by Sagan is like thinking in 3D, or watching a 3D movie?

Since we exist only in two dimensions (our physical entity?) we cannot view or interact with those existing in the 3rd dimension? - Like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. It's only when you acquire the glasses does the view alter dramatically.

In the case of Ghost's and Spirits, could psychic abilities (or spiritual gifts) be the 'glasses' that allow the viewer to appreciate this.

Hence why only certain people acquire such an ability. Someone told me that dogs only see in black & white, imagine what a dog would say if he was one of the few that could see in colour - how would the other pack members view his ability?

UFO's and the Interdimensional Hypothesis In 1994, a number of European UFO researchers and authors met at the Santo Espíritu del Monte monastery in the Andalusian city of Valencia, Spain. Many of them couldn't help feeling like conspirators plotting the overthrow of an unreasonable political regime: they had gathered at this retreat for the purpose of furthering an alternative approach for the study of the UFO phenomenon. Admittedly, this was hardly innovative, but it was their intention to officialize their intention as a declaration, much in the same manner of those patriots who met in Philadelphia in 1776.

The Project Delphos Manifesto, as it would come to be known, hoped to promote among its signatories the adherence to a single line of research aimed at proving that a considerable number of UFO sightings were of an interdimensional or paraphysical nature -- directly the opposite to the tenets of the ETH or Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.

The initiative was spearheaded by French investigator Pierre Delaval, whose group, the Comission d'Etudes Ouranos, has long championed the belief that mankind has long been under the scrutiny of a non-human intelligence from another dimension or level of existence; Spain's Pedro Valverde and Ramón Navía, co-sponsors of the initiative, expressed the belief that "an extraplanetary force interferes in human affairs and with human minds, thwarting natural evolution since the beginning of time.

Project Delphos intended to go farther than any other research initiative ever had before, setting for itself the almost impossible goal of discovering the manner in which non-human intelligences had evolved on their respective dimensions and how it was possible for them to affect our own physical reality. In order to achieve this, a number of multiple fronts would have to be opened -- everything ranging from psychotronics to channeling -- in the hopes that "the invisible might be made visible," as stated by the organizers. But the use of these tried methods (albeit questionable) would not suffice for these purposes.

It would be necessary to develop a new generation of technological devices capable of assisting in the detection of all manner of alterations (electromagnetic, thermal, etc.) which would assist in the physical detection of the phenomenon.

Ramón Valverde summarized it thus : " An intelligence that needs a certain mental activity and a support-vehicle-body that isn't necessarily a dense physical structure --- these intelligent creatures have taken advantage of our need to believe in something greater than ourselves, and our belief in a spiritual level, in order to usurp its functions ".​

" If we manage to understand their goals, it may be possible to avoid being       manipulated by them."



The line of action proposed by the members of Project Delphos seeks to counteract

this subversive action, which takes place at both the physical and mental levels.

Interdimensionality Examined- For all its lofty goals, many observes of the UFO scene will remain unimpressed by " Project Delphos " and will find fault with the items set forth in its manifesto.

But the fact of the matter remains that this initiative by European researchers offers an organized counterweight to the mechanistic nuts-and-bolts alternatives which dominate UFO debates.

The first order of business is necessarily tackling the concept of "other dimensions" or "planes of existence" -- a relatively simple task for the science fiction author or fantasist , but a considerably harder job when trying to apply such concepts to the physical world. Such was my excitement at finally developing images of " Dendricities " shown to the top right of this paragraph.  Although viewed in a two dimensional setting, one should note these entities contain eyes and faces which are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding patterns or body of these forms.

For purposes of this article, it will be assumed that the reader is aware of the properties of the first, second and third dimensions.The last of these being the realm which we exist within.

A dimension can be defined as being the magnitude measured in one direction -- width, length or thickness -- employed to define a position in space.

The fourth dimension is a dimension of time as it applies to length, breadth and thickness in a space-time continuum.

As illustrated well in a conceptual sense by " Edwin Abbott's Flatland ", a tale of life a two dimensional universe, it is easy for us to imagine how a two dimensional world would appear  and how its inhabitants would react to the incursion of a visitor from our own reality.

Conversely, it is hard for us to imagine what the fifth, sixth, seventh or higher dimensions would look like, much less its inhabitants.

The late Carl Sagan presented viewers of his Cosmos television program with a lucite representation of the fourth dimension known as a tesseract or hypercube, but even this falls far short of illustrating such a reality. Perhaps note should be taken of " Dendricities " an example ?

The inter-dimensional theory of UFOs asks us to believe in the existence of creatures from these improbable points of origin. This seemingly unreasonable request is somewhat tempered by the global belief in another dimension or level of existence generally known as "heaven" and the less pleasant one known as "hell".

Renowned researcher Dr. Greg Little has masterfully identified each of these places as the ultraviolet and infra-red ends of the electromagnetic spectrum, respectively.

Ufologist Salvador Freixedo prefers to speak of "planes" or level" since he admits being confused by the thought of dimensions. His layman explanation of the concept remains the most satisfying to a normal educated reader. He envisions reality as a high-rise apartment building, with each level or dimension being a floor in the building.

Occupants may share the structure, but ready access from one level to another is possible only through clearly defined communication paths (elevators, stairwells). It is only upon occasion that occupants of the different levels coincide with one another, such as when they are in the building's lobby or entrance. I offer cloud masses at certain times and locations as a true example here.

He argues that certain places on our world, which boast heavy paranormal activity, are precisely those points in common which we share with the denizens of other realities.

Freixedo takes his argument one step further, stating that we could not possibly guess what the nature of the errands of these other dimensional creatures could be. He cleverly invokes the image of a squirrel running along a telephone wire, completely oblivious to its nature and the myriad phone calls it handles every day, the crews which monitor it, etc.

The squirrel merely sees is as a convenient means of getting from one place to another. When human eyewitnesses see UFO's operating, Are we reduced to the role of the unsuspecting squirrel?

Perhaps nothing can sum up this situation as the following quote from another Spanish paranormalist, Juan G. Atienza: " The UFO laughs at all of this, as we would laugh if we could see the desperate two-dimensional figures on the surface of a piece of paper.

The UFO heals the sick, creates messiahs, brings messages of peace, removes the contents of skulls, sneers at supersonic aircraft and carries in its belly an entire zoo of beings ranging from Apolloesque, Hyperborean angels dreamed up by a devotee of Aryan philosophies to the elemental chimeras of childrens' tales andhagiographical accounts involving small demons with hornsand even spiked tails.

This photo above - When viewed every 90 degree rotation will reveal different entities and perspective / distance views.

Unlike images in our 3D world which display data in one direction ie standing up in front of viewer, Inter-dimensional images such as this are not constrained as such. The constant inter-meshing of objects during phase change creates new figures constantly

interdimensional being

    Click The image above to

watch the video it came from

The images below are the best

results achieved as of May 2017

Alien inside a UFO

Above - A most intriguing  image and was the first suspected being from another dimension that I filmed.

The entity had clear enough detail to  allow close study of its behaviour which I later linked to characteristics  expected of a multi dimensional  entity.

Again the issue here is theoretical until investigation from a separate authority occurs in the future.

 Sylph cloud Matrix CloseUp above

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Finally - Results worthy of reporting achieved May 2017

Interdimensional Entity Captured clearly below and this allows rapid success

with other research ability where

possible beings inside a "control room"

captured - see image under next two

This is the latest camera being most similar used by UFO2GO to film the video's posted here regarding UFO sightings and inter-dimensional beings and associated activity.

The low lux settings, manual focus control and 4k capture  with a large image sensor ensure quality outcomes in paranormal research 

Image captured showing Grey Alien in Australia
UFO Fleet Over Ocean Image

Above and below are same Images of an entity I named "Dendricities"  which inhabit the sky and appear "cloaked" or disguised as cloud masses.

" These entities exhibit all the variable behaviour predicted of life forms originating from higher dimensional existence. The most unusual or interesting aspect of this entity is the interwoven collection of faces that show expression or emotion. Study carefully and you will begin to see various and unique faces / heads blended throughout these images above and below ",

Image of sky with "fairy" captured

    The Ten Commandments of " Project Delphos " - As follows

    Above - Common UFO type        I have filmed in N.S.W  on a number of occasions

1.   The UFO phenomenon is partially or wholly alien to the problem of extraterrestrial life, to which it has been associated almost always.

2.   Many manifestations of the UFO phenomenon enter the realm of the para-physical, a level whose highly-subjective nature can elude conventional scientific analysis.

3.   Large networks of researchers in both America and Europe have managed to gather enough information to prove that many of the phenomena classified as UFO belong to the realm of the para-physical.

4.   There is a sufficiently abundant case history of phenomena that can be classified today as UFOs, and which constitute a protohistory of the phenomenon within the framework of ancient mythologies and the origin of religions which have become institutionalized in the present.

5.   These manifestations are merely one of the multiple facets of a plane of existence or hidden universe, alien to our material world, that is subject to the laws of space-time.

6.   Their interference in human affairs must be inserted within the context of a real occult conspiracy, possibly aimed toward a new world order.

7.   It can be concluded that the UFO phenomenon and other unexplained manifestations occur within the parameters of a vast plan of deception.

8.   It can be concluded that this plot or conspiracy has interfered, and continues to interfere with, humanity's normal evolution and that of our psychic ability by means of trivializing the occult in a strategy essentially aimed at the young.

9.   This course of action encompasses psychic manipulation, altered states of consciousness, personality modification, telepathic control, etc.

10.   The continued presence of the UFO phenomenon and its interference throughout history is proof positive of an intention and a strategy at the command of a force. 

I found it takes time to develop the ability to recognise or identify these new beings.

Because we have not been shown such images previously and now becoming aware of the natural disguise they exhibit against the backdrop of our own brain / sight capability, a learning process will occur and soon you will see them much more clearly. Again, recognise the fact that these lifeforms are exotic and not very similar to what we have in our world. This is also a confusion that is personal and must be overcome to nurture awareness.

Also, the fact may be, these entities are possibly manufactured for whatever purpose and this might explain the somewhat "silly" looking expressions and body forms that we do not expect when deluged with artist impression intellectual depictions. Again, you know only what your told or learn and so this now becomes what I propose another lesson in universal awareness. 

If you look close there are more of these creatures in this photo and just as strange looking.  Just clouds ???

Every one of these detailed images shown on this site have clear dendritic formation almost akin to 3D printing formations


Greetings from Another Dimension

While the stage of the modern UFO era was set by clearly physical events, such as the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the putative Roswell Crash, 
Subsequent sightings and encounters would indicate that the phenomenon might not be as substantial as it originally seemed. Ufologist Allan Hendry concurred with this position when he enumerated the "alternate mechanisms to the ETH in the realm of the paranormal" ("The UFO Message-Part II", Saga UFO Report, Feb.1980). 

These events included UFOs and their occupants having the ability to disappear, more akin to ghosts than solid vehicles; reports of transparent, ghostly humanoids; instances of telepathic communication with UFO occupants; psychic experiences arising from UFO sightings or contact with occupants; instances of levitation by UFO occupants and/or their instruments; the ability of UFO occupants to walk through solid matter, and the sudden physical paralysis experienced by UFO witnesses on occassion.

We shall strive to provide a few examples of these in the following paragraphs.In his book Situation Red - The UFO Siege, the late Leonard Stringfield included a case of a morphing UFO which remains a classic: on September 3, 1975, in Tujunga, California, a couple known as the Cromwells heard a helicopter flying overhead. Mrs. Cromwell took this as a warning that a brush fire had erupted in the area and remained watchful of the developments. Both she and her sister-in-law managed to see the helicopter in question and notice that a bright, circular object appeared to hover over its rotors. Using binoculars, the women were able to distinguish a "light pattern" whose colours were bluish-green at the top and bright red at the bottom.

To compound the strangeness of the situation, the object remained motionless in the sky while the helicopter maneuvered below. The object then proceeded to change shapes, from circular to diamond, to chevron and then into a classic "flying saucer" configuration. As it departed, the helicopter followed.The questions which arise here are obvious: was the helicopter a military aircraft intercepting the UFO? Was it a projection of the UFO, or was it also a cleverly concealed UFO? All three hypotheses have been considered in a number of books and magazine articles, and while we may think along the lines of the clever "cloaking devices" which have become part and parcel of science fiction movies, questions about the solidity of these devices still remain.

Much the same happened in a Swedish case from 1959 told by Anders Liljegren in the UFO-Sweden Newsletter.Gideon Johansson ran out into the night to see if he could ascertain the reason an area-wide power failure in Mariannelund. He witnessed a glowing object making a slow descent through the trees and coming within a few feet of the ground. The startled onlooker was able to see that it was a craft of some sort, having a high transparent dome which revealed the presence of two occupants "with high-crowned heads and big, beautiful eyes." 

The occupants appeared to engage in what Johannson took to be repairs and the object soon disappeared "like a ghost in the night".Some of these putative vehicles from an intelligent civilization on another planet have a propensity for exhibiting behavior best associated with poltergeis

On June 4, 1972, a group of young men and women visited Wallacia, in Australia's New South Wales, for a lakeside picnic. At around 6 p.m., when they decided to reenter their vehicle to depart, they found themselves looking at a surprising object, resembling two saucers joined at their edges and with three landing struts, in a stationary position not far from their automobile. The craft pulsated with glowing lights.Panic seized the four men and two women in the group: some experienced piercing headaches and others heard an increasingly loud hum coming from the object. To worsen the situation, their car's engine erupted in flames, causing them to flee from the scene. But as the frightened picnickers tried to run for safety, they found themselves confronting a large, indistinct figure heading toward them: it had broad shoulders and arms ending in pointed "hands".

In a last desperate effort, the humans concealed themselves in the grass as the creature glided past them, vanishing into thin air when it reached their stricken automobile.Since the late 1980's, researchers into UFO abduction experiences have been challenged by the increase in reports of tall reptilian creatures known by a variety of names such as Reptoids, Dracos or Alligator Men. 

This order of beings differs from the ubiquitous "Greys" and more elusive Nordics (the former impersonal and aloof, the latter greatly concerned with abductee welfare) in their outright hostility and highly sexual nature. Certain researchers have tried to establish links between these entities and those which have traditionally contacted by means of black magic in many cultures. Reptoids have been characterized as masters of illusion and disguise, passing themselves off as Nordics, Greys or even human beings, before reverting to their true form. Investigator Eve Francis Lorgen has expressed her belief that such creatures are interdimensional rather than extraplanetary, and further adds that many of the abductees she has dealt with believe that certain Reptoids --clad in black hooded robes or capes--are indeed the hidden controllers behind the abduction phenomenon. 

This belief has been echoed by other students of the phenomenon who have gone as far as to claim that human evolution has been directed by the Reptoids.The exploits of these unknown quantities transcends national borders. Mexican ufologist and author Luis Ramírez Reyes, who has had his share of unusual experiences, discusses a case brought to his attention in the early '90's by a colleague who visited the town of Tepoztlán (now a prominent New Age destination) and heard the following story: an elderly woman, Concepción Navarrete, had lost her teenage son to reptilian creatures who traditionally haunt Tepozteco Hill, a forested summit crowned by a small pyramid.Mrs. Navarrete's son enjoyed running up to the top of the hill since his earliest childhood, particularly when the presence of strange nocturnal lights caused blackouts in Tepoztlan. He finally vanished altogether one day, never to be seen again, and his mother was certain that his disappearance was related to the presence of the strange lights. One morning, she noticed a "very strange being" standing not far from her modest home. It had its back to her, and gave the impression of being "a giant iguana", standing erect and over six feet tall, with green scaly skin.The reptilian creature made a sudden about face, presenting an entirely different appearance. "He resembled a blond, friendly American" explained Navarrete, who was terrified out of her wits. The shapeshifting Reptoid told her not to be afraid; no harm would come to her and that no her son would be looked after

Navarrete turned to a passing man to cry for help, and when she turned back to look at the shapeshifter, it had disappeared.Noted ufologist Linda Moulton Howe has gathered information on the interdimensional nature of a possible conflict between these non-human factions. Several of her sources indicate that the hostilities between the Greys and the Nordics have led the latter to seek refuge in "other dimensions inaccessible to the Greys." In a 1989 article appearing in UFO Universe, Dr. Jean Mundy best summarizes the interdimensional nature of these entities: "Some of the many creatures that inhabit the universe are native to the physical dimensions we are familiar with other creatures inhabit paraphysical realms, usually alluded to as "etheric".

These realms consist of physical matter, but in forms that are less dense, more malleable, and more durable than matter in the chemical universe...These interpenetrating universes have been recognized for millennia world-wide by the esoteric traditions of every major religion and school of thought."
Conclusion Veteran UFO researcher and author Jacques Vallée suggested the possibility that the UFO phenomenon could have an earthly nature without being related to any human agency, or even extraplanetary without involving the need for any conveyances.

This seemingly contradictory notion can be explained through developments in physics which account for the elusive "dimensions" which are the occultist's stock in trade. Vallée cites the work of scientists such as Michio Taku and Jennifer Trainer, who manifest the need that traditional physics requires the existence of five dimensions in order to account for the Big Bang theory. 

Theoretical physics believes that our universe originally had ten dimensions, six of which collapsed or "curled up", leaving us with the four dimensional one in which we exist. In his book Alien Agenda, author Jim Marrs quotes as statement made by a leading physicist: a number of investigators claim to have found evidence of the existence of what they have come to term the "top quark", providing a model for a ten-dimensional universe in which time travel into the remote past is a possibility and in which holes in very fabric of space enable travel to other parts of the universe. According to the article, the seemingly immovable and eternal visible universe in which we all live may simply be one of many universes existing side by side "like so many soap bubbles in a cosmic froth. Can we even begin to guess at what kind of intelligent life may have developed in any of these parallel dimensions or other universes?

UFO2GO has begun to release results which demonstrate evidence not only regarding this theory but more precisely, images showing what kind of life forms may be related and those which are present in our 3D world during the same space and time variables.
While it is true that our presumption of how bona fide interplanetary explorers should behave has been programmed by the literary genre of science fiction, the entities involved with the UFO phenomenon hardly resemble the ambassadors of an advanced galactic society. In fact, My research and results which are seen here resemble bizarre and almost comic like characters with the exception of some which appear dark and demonic in appearance. Again, we shall not judge this kind solely because they appear "scary" if we apply the book and cover analogy.

Even applying only the evidence presented here, One must agree that there are sophisticated and highly evolved beings in our midst. So what is their relationship with us and our planet ? and to what extent are they operating the handles, lights and brakes ? Are they dis-interested or unable to form a relationship with the basic and aggressive know it alls down below whom seem hell bent on consuming everything around them until they suffocate in the toxic pool generated by the uncaring behaviour ? ​What if they communicate via signs made in the clouds or that gaseous cloud mass creates the petri dish used for inter-dimensional transport / Surveillance cover / or actually is the accumulated atmospheric material needed to display the presence of a being not visible to our narrow wavelength sight perception?  ? What if these signs are captured / shown and dismissed by a small investigator like me  ? - That would be the tragedy ! or perhaps something more sinister exists and agreements have been made without the knowledge of the population, perhaps we were never given a choice to begin with. 

The image to the right shows

what I believe to be a cloaked

UFO.  Interdimensional ? Yes  

I believe  most Likely

Above - My favourite video all time. I believe this is a fleet of UFO's appearing like the sunrise before flying away . Problem - Sun had risen before this unusual sighting and was higher in the sky. Click image to watch 

Some faces highlighted to assist you

I can only propose that the image

above resembles beings of some 

type present in a control room setting.

I am a reporter of fact and

only suggest this from what I see

within  to begin some form of

debate about what is shown here

image showing closeup face of an inter dimensional being
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