Paranormal researcher Brad Steiger wrote:​ 

" We are dealing with a multidimensional para-physical phenomenon that is largely indigenous
  to  planet earth"

I concur with this theory and do not fully understand why it has not been recognised as a theory which has much to offer in explaining paranormal sightings.

Inter-dimensional UFO Evidence 


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 The other images that are displayed here involved inter dimensional identification and video capture of the event. It was interesting to see what kind of feedback occurred when I posted the video without having to snapshot & colour enhance stills to prove a point.

Most people dismissed the whole video and only a couple of people made any comment worthy of noting.

I guess the whole inter-dimensional existence idea will take time for the public as a whole to accept. The bizarre nature of these images here are just a clue as to what lies inside the other dimension which is able to cross and exist in our own plane. I have studied this dimension cross and currently believe the most common occurrence involves the same entity or race.

The devil certainly is in the detail here. Each and every image was originally an image of blue sky and white cloud to some degree. One should notice if viewing these carefully, that detail can be seen which is not expected from an image taken of the sky. The point I am trying to make is that it is not a simple task to snap a cloud photo and post it to a site. Each of these images was an "event" captured occurring and a snapshot of it taken and later colour spectrum separated.





To other UFOlogists, such as John Ankerberg and John Weldon, advocate IDH because it fits the explanation of UFOs as a spiritistic phenomenon.

Commenting on the disparity between the ETH and the accounts that people have made of UFO encounters, Ankerberg and Weldon wrote " The UFO phenomenon simply does not behave like extraterrestrial visitors. "
In the book UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse published in 1970, John Keel linked UFOs to supernatural concepts such as ghosts and demons.

The development of IDH as an alternative to ETH increased in the 1970s and 1980s with the publication of books by Vallée and J. Allen Hynek. In 1975, Vallée and Hynek advocated the hypothesis in The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects and further, in Vallée's 1979 book Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults.

Some UFO proponents accepted IDH because the distance between stars makes interstellar travel impractical using conventional means and nobody had demonstrated an antigravity or faster-than-light travel hypothesis that could explain extraterrestrial machines.

With IDH, it is unnecessary to explain any propulsion method because the IDH holds that UFOs are not spacecraft, but rather devices that travel between different realities.
One advantage of IDH proffered by Hilary Evans is its ability to explain the apparent ability of UFOs to appear and disappear from sight and radar; this is explained as the UFO entering and leaving our dimension ("materializing" and "dematerializing").

Moreover, Evans argues that if the other dimension is slightly more advanced than ours, or is our own future, this would explain the UFOs' tendency to represent near future technologies (airships in the 1890s, rockets and supersonic travel in the 1940s, etc.) IDH has been a causative factor in establishing UFO religion.

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The ​information discussed above resonates well with my own research regarding IDH.

This is especially true with the "cloudcraft data"  I have released see
My skill does not relate to explaining such radical new concepts and I do not pretend to know everything about this subject matter. I have filmed many Australian UFO's and believe my work as a Paranormal Investigator has been successful with reporting events regarding "Sylph Clouds" and "Interdimensional Activity" which is seen to be occuring in the skies above our world.


This particular page was initially created to report / demonstrate  unusual cloud formations which displayed behaviour and movement not expected due to the conditions prevailing at the location they existed.

This behaviour included not conforming with atmospheric conditions and temperature which control and allow prediction of clouds in a normal context.

More interestingly, I began to notice what I describe as engineered area's within the white gaseous area's and the most bizarre examples came to be aerial UFO crafts that had no mass but were hybrid clouds so to speak.

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The Swiss German physician and alchemist Paracelsus first coined the term sylph in the 16th century to describe an air spirit in his overarching scheme of elemental spirits associated with the four Classical elements.

Paracelsus drew from earlier sources, but his systematic treatment of the idea was definitive, with the names of three of the four types having originated in his works.

The other three elemental spirits named were Gnomes (earth), Salamanders (fire), and Undines (water).

These ideas were adopted in Rosicrucianism and were widely encountered in subsequent hermetic literature.

In the Liber de Nymphis of the Philosophia Magna, Paracelsus discusses the characteristics of the elementals at length. Sylphs, he says, are rougher, coarser, taller, and stronger than humans.

The elementals are said to be able to move through their own elements as human beings move through air. Because of this, sylphs are the closest to humans in his conception because they move through air like we do, while in fire they burn, in water they drown, and in earth, they get stuck.

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The image to the left is another evolution of my research and shows clearly more bizarre heads, 

faces and other architecture which I report numerous times are hidden inside common cloud

masses which float about in our sky. This theme seems to a method of travel used by inter-dimensional

forms to float around observing our activities.

It would be wise to acknowledge the fact that each of us have only existed for a miniscule  moment in the scheme of the universe but somehow think we know it all from what we have learnt during our lives. Whether that be from religious teachings or published scientific articles, educational qualifications or other sources, remember this : There is no way you can know the full truth or the whole story. 

My approach is to report and demonstrate behaviour in our world which is not conforming to expectations based on scientific teachings which again, is limited by what I know and what I have been taught.

I am not alone in what I believe now and what I am showing the world regarding my research. This means the evidence is gaining quantum. 

The paths have led me toward some of the most intriguing work I have ever undertaken and subjects which I once laughed at without knowing the slightest of facts, I was a victim and a fool of going with the public concensus. Now, the possibility that we live in an engineered reality, a multi-verse and are viewed upon like bugs in a bottle by other dimensions (higher ?) are not so laughable any more. 

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