Australian UFO sighting silver ring type craft

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Interdimensional UFO Craft video still

Central Coast N.S.W October 2017

Australian UFO sighting image
Australian UFO sighting
Closeup UFO sighting

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" You have some awesome images, I look forward to seeing more.. "

NSW UFO type seen regularly along eastern coastline
Coloured UFO unknown type N.S.W Australia

All of these images captured on the NSW east coast of Australia between 2015 and 2017

seashell type UFO with being sitting on top Australia
Daylight Chemtrail UFO image from video Australia
Geometric UFO type
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front view of an Australian UFO in flight at night
multi coloured unknown aerial phenomenon
image of multi colour UFO Australia

Australian UFO Sightings gallery by  UFO2GO paranormal investigator based Australia

image of a multi colour UFO at night Australia
NSW UFO sighting
image of red and yellow UFO Australia
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