The white mass is a cloud in the photo. 

Interesting how it seems to have been ejected into the picture through a tear

in the dimension possibly ?

The current concept of Multiverse Theory Can explain  these entities

Reptilian ??

It would almost appear to be a symbiotic coexistence or relationship that is shared by the larger beings and the smaller parasitic types. The image to the right in an orange circle appears almost like a head embedded in an organic type circuit board description  

Sorry - Cannot offer explanation ?

Clever disguise - Evolutionary ?

Image of an Alien Control room caught in the sky

Watch this video as a small TV box. 

You will perceive and notice much

more detail than you would if viewed on a 

standard size view  screen. Perception is almost

paramount to identifying interdimensional traits.    Interesting ???

View of other dimensional world video

The smaller images above right are reported on lower down this page and are challenging to comprehend  

I am and will be only a reporter and not master of the knowledge relating to this topic. I am OK at capturing evidence but for further study I would suggest work by Ken Adachi. whom has quite a comprehensive list of Sylph Cloud reports and events.

Most likely, the definition or images won't be as sophisticated as these but the content may provide some insight to the historical evidence gathered before now.

What is interesting, is the claim that Sylphs have returned to destroy and remove the harmful substances being sprayed across the skies in the form of chem-trails.

This would not surprise me in the slightest as there is chemicals being sprayed into our atmosphere and the figures behind this are remaining very silent about the reasons.

Above UFO  captured closeup at night

NOTE : Starting below are some examples of unique and complex engineered forms or beings.

Remember, these are seen as clouds under normal conditions and I have retained the video to prove such.

image of an alien face extracted from sky research Australia

Link With IDH Theory and Our Reality                                     Australian Paranormal Research Update  - May 2017  from  UFO2GO

The picture to the left is the first clear image of inter-dimensional being/s that have been the target of my research focus. Presently I am not sure of their relationship with other entities

and if they originate from the same place. 

The behaviour of this "life form" has all the hallmarks of predicted inter-dimensional ability and it can be seen that there are many interwoven forms involved which exist in a suspected symbiotic relationship which constantly morphs and changes. How it's intelligence functions is not understood but there is definately a very well organised behaviour demonstrated as well as eyes and facial expressions being shown constantly.

I also report that this life form can be viewed from changing its viewpoint say 90 degrees four times which is a 360 degree rotation. Again, not constrained by 3D existence principles and gravitational bonds, other just as exotic views of this being are evident but different in form.

 Leo  W ' - " This image and the adverts are the only content on this site not filmed or captured  by UFO2GO "

" As some viewers woud know, I am an important part of Australian history, well known for my bravery and I would like to believe this tradition will be carried on using much the same techniques I developed some time ago and shared with the world "

Rotate 90 Deg - New Face upright

video link to The Most Bizarre Video You Might Ever See & It's REAL - Paranormal Research

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Atmospheric precipitation appears to have an intricate and defined structure. This troubles a mind aware of "steam randomness" behaviour in the sky - Not normal

Seen here are green images which are Macro evaluation of snapshots taken from another video of clouds.

If your able to distinguish the defined areas here, you will also find this more than amazing.

​​Such structures appear to be common in the sky and I believe the origins of this are inter-dimensional behaviour by forms present which are not 3D terrestrials

Rotate 180 Deg - New Face upright

When                   -  First week May 2017

Where                 -  N.SW Australia 

Time                    -  14:52 hrs  Afternoon with sun rear right side of video frame

Equipment         -  SONY 4K camera , No use of UV filter or Infra Red filter (adjustable Nm range)

Post Processing -  Variable changes to exposure and Focus with nanometer separation ranges  

The video this picture below is from look close , how many strange beings interwoven into this head  ??

Again - symbiotic aspects of hyper-dimensional hosts and smaller forms


Keep some in your glovebox

Rotate 270 Deg - New Face upright

" I acknowledge Mr Paul Hogan for his wit and brilliant comic sense shown above  for the influence he made on my life and the perspective it gave me. UFO2GO "

Australian Paranormal Research - Initial Findings

Inter-dimensional Existence Proof

A very bizarre creature ??

" Control Room " Image captured in the sky

Copyright 2017 Australia - All rights reserved 

Close-up image of inter-dimensional being head

Also concerning to those who do not dismiss a continued display of exotic Alien images by a one person investigation team is where does this guy get these from ?

Answer - They exist dynamically in a fluid state about us everywhere hidden in plain sight by " white light blindness " we humans suffer from but remain unaware of.

This being due to our evolution not requiring us to possess such a skill for hunting and killing our food prey. Alas, it would seem now it might be a considered option for those future DNA modified children with enhanced performance modifications.

The detail really is thought provoking -

Am I the only one that see's the face in this image clearly ?  --- >>>

​Begin noting various creature / alien forms combined in this being

The complexity of these forms are amazing when

studied closely. It is not a case of imagination but rather an evolution where dimensions no longer contain a single entity in one 3D shape. Exotic to describe them is as best I can offer.

Evidence Continued : various viewing angles will produce a different result but appear to show these forms behave in a manner not controlled by gravity and flux between changes

Who or what these inter-dimensional beings ?This is a real image of the sky above and is the method I deploy to film these aliens

Original Sylph Cloud Video I filmed 2016 above

Some form of Control Room

In The Sky Made  Visible  ??

And is this a view into another

dimension caught on video ?

I have no doubt that in future and due to increased

attention being given to Dendricities, they will be acknowledged as interdimensional beings.

The art of disguise is one which has served them well and continues to do so. Remember, these images you see here are the result of a number of investigative processes that I developed to capture and define what they look like for discussion.

Normally, they appear invisible or as water gas in specific cloud formations. I guess a challenge will be made regarding this data and I am confident that such a request will be matched with evidence in support of my theory here.

​After 18 months of research, testing, filming and editing, I have released video and photographic evidence  which

I believe confirms or demonstrates the existence of inter-dimensional life forms being present in our 3D world.

" I do not have the time or skill to manufacture or CGI hoax any of these images UFO2GO. Every bit of data posted here is 100 % authentic. Disbelieve ??? - feel free to search Google Images for anything you see here - It won't be found - all of this is research." If you do find anything - Post it on UFO2GO Youtube so I may know who is using it.

Take a close look at the big blue image above, Notice what appears to be something looking down upon our world from above !! -  This was my first revelation during tests - This began my interest with inter-dimensional hypothesis.

Much has been written on this topic and from what I have studied and learnt, The hypothesis and it's combined multiverse theoretics have predicted such cross overs between different dimensional planes.

Initially his subject matter was perplexing to understand and historical content limited. The challenge :

Capture and report in a manner which would be believed and digested by the community and others involved in this work from a less practical and more theoretical perspective.

I now believe the following to be true and that these inter-dimensional life forms are in our skies crossing back and forth between our existence and the dimension they exist within or originate from . Maybe they are not confined ?

These forms exhibit highly complex structures which constantly morph and remain hidden by changing light intensity, distance / focus relativity, angles which rotate in perspective and dissipate invisibly.


These forms appear to have no mass but do exert influence within our dimension in subtle ways which include producing cloud or water vapour material and having an ability to move in any direction against atmospheric conditions which would normally prevent such gaseous forms from doing so.

Upon detecting a portal opening and filming directly into it, it is possible to see through the gateway and view city like structures and other various forms of engineering which are not used in our society. The viewing of this event becomes almost hypnotic to watch as it fluxes between stages.

That a single 60 second film clip can produce many varied still images of this life form and each will have 

a very detailed difference when compared with the other images.

The images are refracted by light wavelength and therefore change in clarity, detail and subject with alterations to the light used in rendering the video images. The same applies to still images captured from the parent video. 

" Dendricities "

EVIDENCE - Further repeated images of creatures that exist within other entities. This and having the ability to rotate any given picture which

in the majority of cases will unlock another view of this world. Gravity does not dictate feet on the ground photo's which most people use in an attempt to identify objects.

Changing wavelengths of light "colours" also produces a new image with various different beings or engineered structures. The problem again is that distance is also obselete so focus and  magnification are essential to capturing a clear subject.

This has taken many hours to perfect and please, pay ttention to the level of detail displayed and the complexity of the forms. Once you see what I am referring to, you will become very interested too.

Original Video posted soon 

he visible blue light has a wavelength of about 475 nm. Because the blue wavelengths are shorter in the visible spectrum, they are scattered more efficiently by the molecules in the atmosphere
This causes problems for such entities with the ability to camouflage less effective under imposed wavelength detection. 
Using clouds or water gas to define its shape or as a form of matrix to assist operating in our 3D world means that the water molecules no longer provide the protection they once did.

Green is also near the baseline and I have had much success using this colour to overlap white light. Infra-red filtering is another example of colour detection and this now proves green and blue spectrum's are another area worthy of proper investigation.

The following images are the most bizarre outcomes I have uncovered during two years of research. I think it can fall under the category of U.A.P which is now termed unidentified aerial phenomenon.

The background to these images is as follows :

1) Stop vehicle I am driving to film some very clear cloud based events occuring with good light and low interference.

2) Review the film, begin editing and testing various wavelength changes imposed into the video.

3) By accident over expose the video and discover an area hidden in darkness just behind an item of interest in the video. 

4) Stare in shock at a very large blurred head/face looking down from the sky as if it was looking through glass.

5) Begin further changes to the video colour wavelengths and attempt to to reveal clearly what is going on underneath the head in the video to the left of an object which seems to project light.

​6) Try to understand the relationship between the "Head", "The Control Room" and the "Portal" that had seemed to open up during filming.

It takes a long time to crack the codes and get clear images. This is part of what I found and is posted without an explanation , just the history behind it . 

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